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No Carping from me

by Jonathan Barclay

Mr Barr is an angry man, and rightly so.  His first book, Real Football Real Fans, is a response to the absurdities and excesses of the Premier League.  This one is an attack on the failings, and failures, of our political class in the context of the Parliamentary expenses scandal and the financial crisis.  Plenty of readers will have sympathy with his views, but few would have the imagination and wit to express anger in the form of an elegant fable based on carp fishing.  Swift and Voltaire come to mind, with an underlying touch of Orwell.  Mr Barr's knowledge of fishing is as impressive as his humour; the book raises a number of important contemporary political and social issues in its 170 pages, but is so well written that it is easly to underestimate its importance.  Read and enjoy.

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