The Carp Club

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Ban the Ballot is the website for William Barr's new book 'The Carp Club - The Election That Never Was'. It is a satirical novel set in a world where the carp is king. The fishy fiction allows the world of politics and finance to be refracted through the murky waters of the carp lake. Central character John Fisher finds politicians who are so intent on their careers and inter party struggles that they do not notice that the carp have all died and that those appointed to manage the banks of the fisheries have reduced the carp club to financial ruin.

The world of carp politics strangely reflects the real world. The sport of carp fishing has been dumbed down by the tethered carp scheme. There is one rule for the politicians and a very different one for the ordinary members. So many Rules are made that the law of unintended consequences runs riot - and then there is the expenses scandal which in the world of carpery takes a very different form. John Fisher views the main carp parties, the Conservationists, the Mirrorcarpists and the Oranges and their leaders Jack Pike, Sir Adipose Ffynne and Celia Canthe with equal dismay and is sickened by the alternative British Metacarpals and U-Bends.

His campaign to recapture democratic control through a boycott of the general election to the House of Carpery takes him on a journey of conflict and humiliation, while at the same time he pursues his infatuation for pop diva Ali Shacedd. The novel is a funny and savage attack on current ills in the real world of finance and politics.

John Fisher's Blog

Enjoy John Fisher's blog: More Carpery as he tracks progress towards the UK's 2010 General Election and translates it back into his world of fat carp and fishy politicians, or is it the other way round? Put yourself into the world of carpery and take part in the forum.

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